Pokémon Unite – Why is it essential to have Free Aeos Gems?

Pokémon Unite is the first 5-on-5 strategic battle game where you can join trainers worldwide. The players can compete with the heads of Aeos island, where they can compete in the united battles. In this battle, there will be 5 players on each team, and the one who has more points in the time allotted to them then they are going to win the game.

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The players need to make sure that they are playing in the team because teamwork is the key to defeating the Pokémon from the opposing team. The players can evolve their Pokémon and prevent the other team from scoring.

The Gameplay

Key Features

Features are the only thing that makes the Pokémon Unite even more impressive and interesting. These can make your game much cooler; some of the features that you can experience from the game are as follow-

  • The player can fight the battle in style where there are so many different holographic outfits available in several new styles that your Pokémon can wear.
  • In Pokémon Unite, you can unleash the power of Pokémon by uniting the movies. It will provide you with all new moves which make your game so much better.
  • You can even participate in the ranked marches and earn points where you can climb up the leader board.

Tips and Tricks

When a person plays Pokémon Unite for the first time, then they may get some confusion in playing that. It can be a problem, but with the tips and tricks mentioned here, you can become a better player-

  • There is a composition of Pokémon into the group of five attackers, defenders, supporters, speedsters, and all-rounders. That is why it is essential for the person to keep the composition of your opponent’s team in mind so that you stay a step ahead of them.
  • In Pokémon Unite, you will find several different upgrades, and some of them are pretty important. That is why the person needs to upgrade those items because when you do that, it will make your character even better, and you can have better gameplay.
  • The person should have an idea about their role in the game because that will help them create the strategies properly.

Importance of in-game currency

The user can earn the in-game currency in Pokémon Unite, which is Aeos Gems. But earning them is not easy, so you need to make sure that you are using the Aeos Gems in the best way possible. Some of how you can spend them are listed below-

Check our guide – How to get more Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite?
Aeos Gems Shop

Buy items from the shop

There are several things that you can get from the game shop, and those are pretty amazing, which you can use in the game. Aeos Gems can be used to purchase those items such as Battle Pass, Pokémon Unite Licenses, and many more.

Get skins

The player can even purchase thePokémon skins and trainer’s skins if they have enough Aeos Gems. Once you get the skin, you will make your game quite more interesting.

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