Where Can You Spend Gems & Gold In Idle Heroes?

Idle Heroes is basically a battle game where you can play with your friends as it is a multiplayer game from where you can find players from around the world. It is the journey that starts from the Sara Forest to High Heaven, and then it leads the heroes to the ancient ruins where they have to fight the battle with the force of darkness. It is an interesting game that people play on their mobile phones where they can grow more and more, but all they need is the strategies that can help them become the best.

Idle Heroes Gameplay

When you play the game, you may realize that there are certain features you may not find somewhere else. And all these features only make your game even more exciting, and some of those features are mentioned below-

  • It has an idle system in which you can leave the keeps for training even when you are away, and by the time you return, they will become stronger and may have gained many powers.
  • You may find around 200 heroes in the different fractions that will have different skills in the game. You can train them and make them much more powerful with different gears and outfits.
  • A player may find tons of other content such as the quest, mysterious towers, arena guild, which will make their game quite exciting, and they will love all those so much and can have more fun.

When a player plays this game, they can even experience many more benefits. That will make the game quite exciting. They can even earn rewards in the form of in-game currency, which is Gems and Gold. It can be used for several different purposes that make the game much exciting.

Best Idle Heroes tutorial to get more Gold and Gems

Use of currency

The in-game currency has many different uses, but you need to make sure that you are using them wisely so that you can save them for important purposes. Some of the ways in which you can spend the in-game currency are mentioned below.

Idle Heroes mod

Use of Gold

Gold is the main currency you earn from completing missions and tasks in the game. A player can use that currency to marketplaces, monsters and even to the guild mill and all these. You can even use that to open the different quests in the game. Or get different monsters who can help you in the game.

Use of Gems

Gems are the premium currency that a person can earn in the game. Through this currency they can get the premium things that can help them win the game. For example idle hammer, unlock the chest, and even get the extra card slot. Not just that, you can even use that for several other purposes too. It can even be used in several different events, but one thing which you need to make sure of is that you can save as much as they can which they can use after.    

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