Shadow Fight 2 – Let the Adventures Begin!

Shadow Fight 2 has sleek activities, a few game modes, and RPG components that let you redesign your weapons, shield, and battling style. The currency it provides helps you to move further along in the game. That is also what we are about to discuss today. What are the game about, and what are the currencies used? Keep reading and you shall

Shadow Fight 2 is a roleplaying battling game created by Nekki. The principal adaptation of the game was delicate dispatched on October 9, 2013, while the game was subsequently delivered worldwide on May 1, 2014, on both Android and iOS stages

The game presents the game’s occasions with an enlivened preamble. In this presentation, the storyteller (who is the primary character) uncovers that he was an incredible soldier. On his movements to track down a commendable adversary, he went over and opened the Gates of Shadows, delivering the evil spirits and successfully decreasing himself to a shadow. Proceeding with the subject of its archetype, players start the game as an unarmed outline. They are then given straightforward instructional exercises which acquaint them with the game.

Shadow Fight 2 Final Boss
Shadow Fight 2 Final Boss

Features of the game

Here are some of the features of the game that you get to enjoy. Have a look!

  • Dive into epic battle arrangements, delivered in incredibly exact detail by an all-new movement framework.
  • Devastate your adversaries with wonderfully instinctive controls, on account of an all-new battling interface planned particularly for touchscreens.
  • Enter the “Hidden World” and battle with companions against fearsome bosses! Journey through six distinct universes brimming with threatening devils in this activity-pressed, adrenaline-filled battle RPG with a vivid, interesting storyline.
  • Customize your warrior with epic swords, nunchaku, shield suits, mysterious forces- however you like. It’s your character, and you take the actions on his behalf!

Currencies in the game

The game we are concerned with, shadow fight 2, has two kinds of currencies. They are gems and coins. They have slightly different functions but are mostly the same.

Shadow Fight 2 mod


Gems can be utilized all through the game. They can be utilized as a substitute for the essential monetary standards, as they permit the player to purchase and overhaul gear (except blades, which must be purchased utilizing coins). What’s more, they empower the player to purchase extraordinary things in the game which are not accessible for buy with essential monetary forms, for example, things that are promptly captivated by the game. They are likewise the solitary money utilized in the Underworld. Players start with 9 gems toward the start of the game.

Best Shadow Fight 2 tutorial to get more Gems and Coins


There are two kinds of coins in the game- gold and platinum.


Gold coins are the main essential money, utilized from the earliest starting point of the game until the Interlude.


Platinum coins are the second essential cash in Shadow Fight 2, which are presented toward the start of the Interlude and utilized till Act VII.

If you love playing adventure and combat games, then this is one game that you need to try. It is super simple but still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat always!

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