What can you do with Diamonds in Hempire?

Hempire is the game where the players can become part of the world’s greatest weed-growing game and community. In this game, you are completely free to grow, where you need to work hard to zap away and plant in peace. The user needs to grow the weed and the popular strain such as Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, Jack here, and many more. What do you prefer growing- Indica or Sativa? Why do you need to choose when you can grow both.

Check this Hempire Free Diamonds and Cash Guide

It is a game where you can build a Marijuana Enterprise; the user can upgrade and repair the equipment there. You can invest in the city with cold, fun, and decorative items. The player can start their business to sell the products, make deals and expand it. There are several cannabis products that they can create and make money. The player can even compete against their friends and get their strain customized.  


Things to keep in mind

When you consider playing Hempire, it is crucial for the player to understand the basics of the game and try to win it. But winning is not easy when you are playing for the first time. So, you need to make sure that you are considering the points below-

  • It is the game of business, and if you do not pay close attention, then you might lose it. It is essential for you to think about everything to get more money and always perform all the necessary tasks.
  • If you want to make your game simple and get a quick start, you need to look for the shortcuts to the various facilities. You can choose everything effectively and quickly and always monitor all the activities there.
  • You need to complete different deals, and when you complete them, you will be able to get the different items as rewards.

Things on which you can spend the currency

The user can get the chance to earn the game money in Hempire, which they will use to spend on different items. The currencies which you will earn are Cash and Diamonds. Cash is the main currency, whereas diamonds are the premium currency. It is not easy for the person to earn it, so if you have the currency make sure you use it wisely.

Check this Hempire Free Diamonds and Cash Guide

Check out the points below to know about some ways in which you can spend it.

Get the fertilizers 

To grow the crops, the person will need the fertilizers, and you can purchase from the in-game currency that it has. Then, you can just use those Diamonds in getting those fertilizers and make full use of them.

Buy Cash from Diamonds

If you have enough Diamonds and want the Cash to purchase the products, you can use Diamonds to buy the Cash.

Upgrading equipment

When a person plays the game, they need different equipment to use that will help in harvesting or in growing the crops. You can get the upgrades from the use of Cash and Diamonds.

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