Using Free Syce is easy in Celestial Fate

In Celestial Fate, you will be taken in the fantasy world of guild wars and more based upon the journey to the west novel. Players would be able to experience the scenic beauty of the game along with the action-packed fight sequences. It is an interactive 3D mobile game that offers an ARPG combat experience to the players. One would play the game with high-definition graphics and an epic world map that follows a fantasy world. In addition, there would be in-game currencies to buy special items or upgrade for better performance.

Here are best ways to get more Syce for Celestial Fate!

Furthermore, there are unlimited player skins and several characters to unlock and play with. The costume customization option lets you personalize your character and offer a fair environment for gaming. To provide nonstop gaming, there is a rebirth system and gears in the game so that you can replay and resume the game for endless fun and entertainment. And the best part about the game is the multiplayer feature that lets you join your friends in the game and undertake the dungeons together and play other events in unity. Also, there are PvP battles and much more to explore for those who like complicated mechanism games.

Celestial Fate Gameplay

Spend Your In-Game Currency Wisely On Valuable Items As Follows 

There are two types of in-game currency in Celestial Fate games: bound sycee and paid sycee. One can use the sycee to buy items from the store for advantages during gameplay. There are items in the store that are useful to increase your survival rate or other benefits you will find on your visit to the store.

Use of Syce

The bound sycee is the free sycee that can be received as rewards or gifts while playing. One can use the bound sycee to buy gems from the store, which are used for several purposes like opening chests. Then you can also buy orbs using sycee, which offers you additional advantages in the game and superpowers that are useful for battles and survival in the game. Also, there is jade available in the Celestial Fate store that can also be bought using sycee only. These items are essential if you don’t want to get stuck at some stage of the game.

Furthermore, to get your EXP doubled in the game, you can use the sycee to get the benefits. Not just the increased EXP, but also it lets you experience the EXP pool three additional times in a day which is generally six times for professional players. This way you will get it 9 times for spending almost 60 sycees for it.

Celestial Fate Menu


As there’s a lot to experience in the Celestial Fate game, you would not want to get stuck at some point due to lack of sycee. So, it would be wise to keep hold of an adequate amount of sycee so that you can upgrade or buy required resources so that you can keep progressing through the game. In case you run short on sycee, there are always options to buy paid sycee for continued gaming.

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