Free Diamonds in Planet Bomber – How to use it?

Planet bomber is a game in which you have to explore the galaxy and then destroy the planet. It is a unique game that you can find where you will get so many different types of weapons or rockets through which you can destroy the galaxy or planet that you find. There are so many things that you can have, such as upgrades, boosters, missiles that you can get in the game, but those are all locked; you have to unlock them in the game. It is the best and the interesting game if you are looking for some time pass.

How to get more Free Diamonds in Planet Bomber? Get our guide

There are so many features in the game that you can experience, which will give you an amazing gaming experience. You can try them as there are several boosters and upgrades that will make the game even more interesting and fun. It does not matter whether you are a kid or a grownup; you can play the game and enjoy it to the end. If you are interested in playing the game Planet bomber, you can download it online from the play store or App store to enjoy the game.

Importance of currency in Planet Bomber

There are several things that you can do if you are playing the game; you can earn some currency in the game, which is diamonds. Diamonds are the premium currency that you can find in the game that will give you an amazing experience as you can use them for several different purposes in the game that will help you increase your level. If you want to know about the ways in which you can use the in-game currency, then you can check out the points mentioned below-

Planet Bomber Gameplay

Unlock stories and chapters

If you have the diamonds, you can use them to unlock the various stories and chapters in the game. It will help you not to read it more and directly jump to them. You will not have to waste a lot of time because you can just watch them and your favorite one so that you can enjoy it so much.

Use to buy boosters and upgrade

If you have the in-game currency in the game, you will enjoy it so much. You can use the diamonds to buy the boosters and upgrade in the game. It is important to have that because then you will make the game even more interesting and fun. But a person needs to make sure that they should use the diamonds in the best possible way so that there will not be any damage and you can enjoy the game. It is the best thing you can do, which will help you make progress in the game.


If you have in-game currency, you can use that for several different purposes; you can use the diamonds so that it will offer you the best advantages. But you should use them wisely to benefit you and help you progress in the game.

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