How to Spend Free Coins in Hide Online

You may have played the game hide and seek in your childhood, and everyone loves to play that game. Now, you can even play that game online, which will give you the same level of excitement, and the best thing is you can play the game with your friends. Yes, it is the multiplayer action shooter game popularly known as the Prop Hunt Genre. In the game, you can hide in the house and take the shape of any object in the room.


You can hide in the room as the prop or consider escaping from there; you can simply swap and become the hidden object, which can be anything such as a cup, box, chair, and a lavatory pan. This game that can be played by both children and grownups both. You will be able to have fun while playing hide and seek in Hide Online and enjoy yourself with your friends. This game can offer you so many great features, which makes the game so interesting, and that is why people love to play that.

Check this Hide Online Free Coins Guide

The game also has great graphics, which makes you become the object so that you can hide it in there. When graphics are great, things become much more amazing. You can also get so many skins and weapons in the game. That it will make the game even more interesting. If you play the game, then you may notice that you can even earn in-game currency, which will be the Coins. It can be used for so many different things which you might not have any idea about. When you use that, you will make progress in the game and also be able to enjoy it!

Use of Coins

Coins are the only currency you can earn in the game. You can use it for several different purposes. It is the main currency you can use to purchase several different things in the game that might help you. Some of the ways in which you can spend the Coins in the game are mentioned below-


Get resources and utilities

There are so many things that you may need in the game. This can be resources and utilities that you can use in the game. These can be the objects you may need to hide in the game. If you do not have those, you may not be able to hide, and the person will find you, which means you will lose the game easily. If you really want to win the game, it is important to get the currency.

Upgrade or buy the weapons

In the game, you will need the weapon to shoot the person you find. You will need to upgrade the weapons or buy them. If you have the Coins, you will be able to do that in the best way possible. It will be the best thing in the game.

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