What you can do with Gems in Pokémon Master?

Pokémon Master is an adventurous battle game where you can get multiple powers of the Pokémon and unleashes that power on your opponent. It is a free-to-play mobile game that you can download on their phone and is best for adults and kids. 

The Gameplay

It is an elite trainer game where you, the player, is considered the professional who takes part in the Pokemon League. It is a single-player and even multiplayer game. If you want, then you can play the game alone and with your friends.

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When the person starts playing the game, they will know about the different features they can experience that will make their game even more exciting. The features that a person can experience are mentioned in the following points-

  • There are so many special outfits you can find in the game for the trainers you can get. You can use it in the game.
  • The people can make the teams with different players, and then you will e able to hatch eggs in the game that will take on the battles.
  • There are so many champions, gym leaders and many other things that you can experience where you can get the trainers and their Pokémon’s on adventures.

There are several other things too that you can experience if you start playing the game; you can find several new stories with different characters. You can choose the one that is your favorite and enjoy playing the game. A person can even earn in-game currency that they can use for different purposes or purchase different things in the game. The currency that you can earn is Gems that you can use to purchase the different premium items.

Use of in-game currency

Gem is the premium currency that a person can earn in the Pokémon Master. They can use that to purchase several different items, which can be quite useful for the player. If a person has the currency, then it needs to be spent wisely so that there will not be any misuse of currency.

Gems Shop

Scout for sync pairs

Gems can be used for several different purposes in the game, if you have them, then you can use that for the scout for sync pairs, the more sync points you will collect you can get the pair, and each pair is consist of the Pokémon trainer or master that you will need in the game for progress.

Purchase egg 

Another way through which you can use the diamonds is by purchasing the eggs in the game. In each egg, you will get the different Pokémon to whom you can train and make things easy for you. All these things are quite amazing, and you can add more and more eggs. That you want from the game with the help of diamonds.

Refill stamina gauge

Refilling the stamina gauge is important because if stamina is not there. It will not be possible to fight with the enemies.

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