Free Gold, Gems & Food Guide – Monster Legends

Monster Legends is the game where you can take the monsters into fighting. You can find the monsters of different breeds, train them, and also feed the epic monster. So build your fighting force, and there you can face the ultimate challenge, and you will be able to face the real-time battle that you have to fight against other monsters master. Collect the monsters, choose the different skills you want, and boost up the strategies in the battle. You can start the game and build the world of your own monster life.

The Gameplay
Here is our Monster Legends Unlimited Gold, Gems and Food Guide

There are many more things that a person can experience from the game, and all those things make the game even more interesting and fun. Some of the things or features that you can experience from this game are mentioned below-

  • There are almost 700 monsters; a person can choose any of them, get the different elements, and find a new species.
  • You can choose or obtain the incredible monster of all types, and things can become even more exciting.
  • You can make the different strategies in the game and level up the monsters for the battle.
  • There are many ways through which you can boost the monster’s power with the runes and then equip them with valuable relics while fighting a battle.
  • It is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends and enjoy so much; you can build the team, make strategies, and win the game.

A player can even earn several more features that you can experience from the game, and you can even enjoy different things. You can even earn in-game currencies, which are- Gold, Gems and Food that can be used for many different purposes and that can even help you progress in the game. These things even make the game quite more interesting.

Monster Shop

Use of currency in-game

You can do several things with the in-game currencies, which are Gold, Gems, and Food and use them wisely so that you will not face any problem in the game. Some of those things that you can do are mentioned below-

Use of Gold

One of the main currencies that you can get in the game is Gold and that you can use to upgrade the building, grow Foods on the farms, and that is important to do so because that will improve your performance in-game. A person can even activate the runes on the monster if they have the Gold.

Use of Gems

The premium currency that you can earn in the game is Gems. You can use that to purchase the premium products. Through this, you will speed up all the upgrades m actions. You will be able even to purchase the cells, Gold, Food and monsters in the game.

Use of Food

Food is another currency that the player needs and can be used to feed the monsters in the game; you will even be able to increase the levels. It will help them to become strong and also be able to generate Gold even faster.

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