Boost Your Gold and Coins in Boxing Star Fast

Do you love Boxing? If yes, then Boxing Star is the game you can consider playing. It is one of the major things you can experience to create your own boxer and follow the career. At first, you will start with the street fighter, and then you can make your way to become the World Champion and take part in that. But the hardest part is that it is full of obstacles, and you will have to take part in so many battles and win it. 

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You need to participate in the different championships and go against the enemies. It will even help you get stronger that will help you make progress. You need to fight with your enemies and may need the custom gloves, skills, and even master the dynamic combat system. 


Tips to consider…

To become the master In Boxing Star then, it is essential for you to take a look over the points that are listed below-

  • While playing the Boxing star, the one thing you can do to win the game is by hitting the opponent perfectly. If you do, they will not be able to hit you back. If you think your opponent is trying to hit you, you need to dodge.  
  • You may also see the health bar in the game, and it is crucial for you to keep that stamina up. If your health bar gets low, then that means you will lose the game so easily without much issue.
  • Another way through which you can win the game is by confusing the opponent by mixing punches. It is the best way because when you mix the punches, the opponent will not know what they should do.
  • To make progress in Boxing Star, it is crucial for the person to unlock the new things you can do. You need to unlock the equipment and take more gears that you can use in the battle.

Use of in-game currency

When you play Boxing Star, you will realize that having in-game currencies such as Coins and Gold is crucial for the user. But if you have enough of that, then it is essential for you to use them wisely so that you can make progress. Some of the ways through which you can spend Coins and Gold are mentioned here-

If you need more tips – check this Boxing Star Guide for more Gold and Coins

Unlock characters

If the player has enough money, they can use that to unlock the different characters with different abilities and powers. You can unlock the character you want and then play the game with them.

customizing outfit

Purchase several accessories

Another thing that you can do with the in-game currency is to purchase the accessories or items that are essential for you. If you get those items, things might become easy, and you will enjoy the game.

Open packages 

There are several different packages that you can find in Boxing Star that may have different items in them. Those can be used for several different things.

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