What to do with Free Gems in Plants vs Zombies 2?

If you are up for some adventure then Plants vs Zombies 2 is the best game that a person can consider playing. It is the game that is hit in action-strategy adventure. You will meet, greet and even get the chance to defeat the legion of hilarious zombies from the dawn to the end of the days. In this game, the only way to survive the game is to protect your brain. You can build the arm of amazing army of plants, and you can charge them with the plant food. There are hundreds of zombies and plants that are there, that can help you with the game.

The Gameplay

In the game, you can find lawn legends and collect them such as peashooter and sunflowers along with many other hotshots. They are creative bloomers such as laser bean and lava guava. It can give a massive array of the zombies at every turn. It will protect your brain from the zombies chicken too. There are several powerful plants that you can grow from the seed packets when you play the game. It is like the fuel that you can get from the potent plants.

Here are best ways to get more Gems and Coins for Plants vs Zombies 2!

There are several power up attacks, double down defenses, new abilities and even speedup the planting time. There are many other boosters also that can help the player in making progress in the game. You can even find many other players too, and you can compete with them in arena. It is the amazing journey that you can get in the game that is going to be ultra-challenging. It have endless zones, different Pinata party events and many other challenges that you can compete in.

In-game currency

In the game, the person can even get the chance to earn in-game currency that you can use for several different purposes. The currency that you can earn in the game is Coins. You can use that to purchase different things that might help you in winning the game. While purchasing the things you need to make sure that you are using that wisely. Some of the ways in which you can spend in-game currency are mentioned in the following points-

Purchase power ups

If you are playing the game then that the person will need the different power ups that will increase the power of the plants and the players. And a player can get them if they have enough Coins in the game and it will become easy for to have it.


Get plant food

With the Coins you can even get the plants food for the plants. You need to make the plants strong and powerful and that will only be possible if you will get the plants food.

Buy plant seed

Another thing that you can consider is that you can buy the plant seeds with the Coins that you have in the game. In exchange of the Coins the player can easily obtain the 15 or 20 plant seeds packets.

Upgrade plants

Upgrading the plants in another thing that a person need in the game, with the upgrade in the game you will be able to get the power in the plants which will make the game even more exciting.

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