Guide to Earning More Gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is a game based on management and strategy. It offers the players a chance for guiding a civilization right from the Stone Age to the feudal time. Besides, you also have to fight against your rivals and expand the area of your growing empire. When starting a new round, you get to choose between eight varied civilizations such as Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, and France. Once you have chosen the civilization you can just begin with a handful of huts, lumber mills, and farms. You have to transform this little allowance into a great metropolis that can stand the ravages of time.

Rise of Kingdoms gameplay

The three most important things that the players are required to do in this game are: constructing new buildings to enhance your empire, discover neighbouring areas and protect your city against outer threats. To fight with the barbarians and the rest of the civilizations you will require generals and troops.

It is an entertainment-based strategy game that keeps borrowing some inspirations from the Saga of civilization, while also provides a quite nice gaming experience to the majority of the titles in this category on Android. It also features excellent graphics and a wide range of missions, buildings, and characters for the players to enjoy.

Features of Rise of Kingdoms

Now, let us take a look through the features offered by this game: 

  • Battles are not pre-planned but occur in real-time all across the map. Any player can try joining or leaving a battle at any time, permitting true gameplay bases on RTS. 
  • You can fight with your alliances to gain control of the huge kingdom. Clashing with all other players and make use of powerful tactics to come up with an MMO-based strategy. 
  • The World in the Rise of Kingdoms is covered with thick fog. Dispatching of scouts will discover this adventurous land and uncovering all concealed treasures that are inside.
  • Select any one of the 11 historical civilizations and keep guiding your civilization from a single lone into a power. 
Random character

Rise of Kingdoms Currency 

Gems are the most superior currency in the Rise of Kingdoms, and they can be utilized in different ways to enhance your gaming experience. Luckily, availing several gems free in the game is not very tough, this game can be played without having to spend any real money, and still keep enjoying some standard features. 

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You can complete the quests in the main story. Completing these quests can offer you a lot of rewards. These rewards can be gems. So, you must keep a check on these missions. Completing them real soon can get you a lot of free gems. The gems that you gather in the game can be used for a lot of purposes. You can use them for building your empire, purchasing different equipment and a lot more. 

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Hence, the Rise of Kingdoms game is an amazing game to play. But, you need to earn as many free gems as possible to increase your chances of a win. You can use the tricks mentioned above to gather free gems in the game. 

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