Review of SuperStar BTS + Diamonds Guide

Superstar BTS is a dancing game that you can play on your mobile phone. It is the most popular game with the popular hip-hop group called BTS. If you play this game, then you will be able to pick up the collectible cards of each member of the band in 

Bangtan Boys, once you will dance on their greatest hits. Once you tap on the screen and have the highest score, you will get the rewards on the game that you can use for various games.

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Once you start playing this game, you will know that it has some amazing features that you may not be able to experience in any other game. It is the best way to play the dancing game. You can download this game easily on your mobile phone; it does not matter whether you have an android phone or apple device; you will be able to download it. You will also be able to unload tons of tones once you hit the highest score in the game, and also there are many new combos and songs which can be unlocked with that.

Super Star BTS Gameplay

Importance of using in-game currency 

If you play the game SuperStar BTS, you will earn the in-game currency that you can use in the game for different purposes. Those currencies include Headphones, Rythm Points, and Diamonds. You can use those in the following ways-

  • If you have the diamonds in the game, you can use them to buy the prism card pack. It is the hardest currency that you find in the game. You can earn the diamond easily in the game, you can buy it with real cash, and that is why it is important for the person that if they have the in-game currency, then they should use it effectively and wisely. They should not waste it like that.
  • Rythm point is the currency that you can earn in-game very easily. You can use the currency to buy other things in the game. You can buy the accessories and other items which will help you in moving forward in the game. It is the best and easy way through which you can get something that you have not to experience. You can unlock the rhythms and songs with the currency.
  • You can also get the headphones in the game, which you can use to unlock the songs in the game. The game is about dancing, and you can dance to the new songs that are available. There are tons of songs in the game which you can use to dance. But first, you need to buy that which you can do if you have the headphones.
Super Star BTS Inventory

The Final Words

At last, you may have got the pretty much idea that SuperStar BTS is an amazing game that you can play. It is a simple game, and the in-game currency that you earn can be used for several purposes.

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